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with the common objective of
holistically enriching individual persona and talent.
OPOIE believes and follows the BANYAN PROPS concept. OPOIE advocates that KNOWLEDGE NEEDS


A rich congregation of IIT and IIM graduates synergising with Successful Corporate Leaders with the common objective of holistically enriching individual persona and talent.


The vision is to convert each individual under our influence into Perfectionist Human Beings. We aim to become the Pygmalion fueling lives in the super talented sculptures.


OPOIE helps transcend individuals by converting their beliefs and vision to realities and modulating their life long attitude with healthy paradigm shift and constructive perspective. OPOIE efforts to bridge the widening gap between the corporate world and the academia thereby benefitting the Students, Colleges and Corporates .


O meaning for OPOIE
passionate source, enthusiastic and inventive, sentiments with a dynamic and optimistic personality.
P meaning for OPOIE
piece of the cerebrum in the registry of the brain with portable usefulness.
O meaning for OPOIE
refreshing for its nostalgic and passionate ideals.
I meaning for OPOIE
feeling and enthusiasm of emotions, working powerfully with an optimistic foundation. Touchy sentiments frequently giving lightning strikes.
Letter E meaning for OPOIE
physical and innovative with dynamic execution bringing substantial motivations.


A group of IIM Graduates researched, analyzed and concluded that there is a clear cut gap between the industry requirements and the present education system. The mentoring group went deep into the professional and non-professional courses across the globe and concluded that polishing of skillset and persona of the Indian students is very much essential not only for a steep career growth but also for making them a success icon. Integrating their rich industry experience and linkages with vivid academic exposure and in-depth research, they evolved the unique exponential experiential learning concepts in the form of OPOIE.

OPOIE has helped several budding talents shine in the crowd in today’s competitive environment. OPOIE has proven to polish a person and convert him from seeker of opportunities to a sought after professional.

Leadership and Mentors

OPOIE is a talent integrator and personality aggregator. The team is led by “learning and the learned.” Founded by a group of IIM and IIT graduates, the team is expanded regularly with faculty from top professional colleges and experts from the corporate world. The leadership team ensures that the quality of each session is monitored by a team which involves at least one corporate and one academician.


"Learning to grow and growing to learn” is the essence of the culture at OPOIE. OPOIE is a talent and personality enhancing concept and in itself is a growing happy family. The learning modules are carved to maintain the family bonding and enhance growth not only during the interactive session but also for life with the lively updates and information streams.


OPOIE believes and follows the BANYAN PROPS concept. OPOIE advocates that knowledge needs free flow, it cannot be sold and it cannot be restricted.

OPOIE ensures that learning and knowledge is free. Any learner (Student, Corporate) has the right for free knowledge. The mentoring team believes that our rich material is owned by the learnings from the world and therefore the world is entitled to get it back as free. Therefore the basic content, presentations, articles, updates etc is available free at your fingertips on the web.

OPOIE also believes that any seeker of knowledge needs to continuously update his persona. Therefore, a regular free flow of information, articles, opportunities, avenues, motivations etc are delivered to every registrant without any payment hassles.

To sustain basic infrastructure and logistic expenditures for running the learning programs in various colleges and to organize quality classes in OPOIE offices, a nominal fee is charged. The fee includes not only the faculty costs and printing material expenditures but also the interaction and resolution of queries not just during the course interval but life long.

The Training modules have been designed by the best Coach and Mentors and only a breakeven nominal cost is charged to sustain the beliefs of BANYAN PROPS.

To enroll, you may kindly contact the OPOIE office nearest to your location.

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