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Presentation - Oration - Pragmatic Public Speaking

Public speaking is the art of convincing, persuasion and influencing. Oration is the essential trait of any budding leader for fast-tracking their career. Public Speaking is also in top three phobias. However, it is an essential tool to create a Pragmatic impact. OPOIE provides insights into story telling, audience & accessories, venue & voice, content & context, body language and the managerial tool kit to surpass the audience expectations. Have an awesome week ahead. Please place your orders for the Bestseller Book - *IIM (Influence Inspire Mesmerize)* at a limited period discount. Get free access to the THRIVE International Confluence on 26th September, 2020. For India : https://www.amazon.in/IIM-INFLUENCE-MAJOR-SUNIL-KUMAR/dp/8194442788 For other countries : Available on Amazon.com and eBay.com

THRIVE Confluence Series August 22nd, 2020

The big day has arrived. The Learning Festival from OPOIE is in few hours. Please schedule your time accordingly. The fourth THRIVE International Confluence is at 18:00 hrs, India time zone (GMT +5:30). Influencers and Speakers from 50+ countries participating on discussions on valuable topics. Trust Health Respect Inspire Victory Empathy August 22nd, 2020, Saturday 18:00 – 20:00 Hrs IST 12:30 – 14:30 Hrs GMT 07:30 – 09:30 Hrs EST Register at https://lnkd.in/ej2t6Yy Link and password: JoinZoomMeeting https://lnkd.in/ehkb7jb Meeting ID: 880 002 0004 Password: OPOIE Participation charges: The charges for first 100 participants (those having the book IIM (Influence - Inspire - Mesmerize) or pre-registered users on www.OPOIE.com) have been sponsored. For others, it is $100. See you all at the THRIVE Confluence. Keep THRIVING!

THRIVE Confluence Snapshots July 25th, 2020

THRIVE Influencers have been amazing, always. In the Confluence on 25.07.2020, the speakers brought in new insightful corporate activities which kept the audience fully glued to their screens for the entire two hours tenure. It was an enlightening session with Industry Stalwarts and big names from the Corporate world who have set tough benchmarks everywhere. THRIVE has grown much owing to the power of the network of the Infuencers and they are taking it to higher levels with every next Confluence. Unending appreciation to the Influencers....

THRIVE Confluence Series July 25th, 2020

THRIVE International Confluence on July 25th, 2020, Saturday Influencers and Speakers from 42 countries (12 for Influencers +30 for Pioneers) 6 Topics 120 Minutes 12:30 – 14:30 Hrs GMT 18:00 – 20:00 Hrs IST 07:30 – 09:30 Hrs EST Rewards to the top five most responsive Participants. The attached brochure contains * Flow of Confluence * Topics of THRIVE * Profile of THRIVE Influencers * Profile of THRIVE Pioneers * Expectations from participants. The maximum number of concurrent participants permissible is 500. Registered participants will be given preference. Those registered earlier shall be eligible. Register at https://lnkd.in/ej2t6Yy Link and password: Join Zoom Meeting https://lnkd.in/ehkb7jb Meeting ID: 880 002 0004 Password: OPOIE Participation charges: The charges of $100 have been sponsored by SarvShiv.com. See you all at the THRIVE Confluence. Keep THRIVING!

THRIVE Confluence Snapshots June 21st, 2020

THRIVE movement rises to another remarkable elevation. The participants were filled with choicest appreciations for all Speakers (Influencers and Pioneers) and the content, flow and timings. THRIVE Confluences are the true reward of the time invested. 2 Hours power packed for the 6 insightful topics and discussions from the audience. It was really engaging Confluence and WOW, What a Day! Thanks to the curators Rumaisa Reem and R Mahesh Iyer for the smooth flow and prompt timing. Thanks to team OPOIE - An IIM Alumni Initiative led by Simmy Kataria. Heartfelt gratitude to each of the delightful participants.

THRIVE Confluence Series June 21st, 2020

With the remarkable success of the THRIVE confluence on 30.05.2020 in terms of 500+ registrations and 150+ concurrent interactive participants over the three hours tenure, OPOIE is thrilled to launch the upcoming THRIVE confluence on 21.06.2020. Whereas the last THRIVE confluence manifested the power of influencers, the forthcoming THRIVE confluence aims to perpetuate persistent inspiration to the world. Please mark the schedule in your calendar. THRIVE Confluence Series June 21st, 2020 6 Topics 12 Countries 120 Minutes 13:00 – 15:00 Hrs GMT 18:30 – 20:30 Hrs IST 09:00 – 11:00 Hrs EST

Presentation - Mindful Medtation

Meditation is your mentally calm and emotionally stable state. Meditation is used across the globe for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and for increasing peace, self-concept and well-being. OPOIE presents "Mindful Meditation" covering Basics of Meditation, Types of Meditation, Chakras Awakening, Controlling Subconscious, Meditation Process and Managerial Toolkit. The summary presentation would give you sufficient insights on the subject and enable you to utilise the best of Meditation in the ongoing testing times. Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Illuminate Improvise Magnetize Please reserve your schedule for the July THRIVE International Confluence on 25.07.2020 18:00-20:00 Hrs IST (GMT + 5:30). Have a meditative week ahead.

Presentation - Rational Decision Making

Decision making is pervasive function by individual aimed at achieving self/ organizational goals and objectives. The essential element of organization's development is quick and right decision making. This is also extremely essential in the personal domain. OPOIE presents "Rational Decision Making" covering Individual decisions, organisational decisions, process of decision making and managerial toolkit. The presentation aims to enrich by imparting the essential skills required before each congruent and committed decision with minimum cognitive bias. Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Illuminate Improvise Magnetize Have a decisive week ahead.

THRIVE Confluence Coverage in Biz Today, Dubai 01.06.2020

When Global Giants come together to mentor the learners across geographical boundaries, the euphoria of peer learning and team effort refuses to die down.

The THRIVE Confluence, with astounding success was though completed a week back, the influencers are still percolating the essence far and wide using their innovative well-nurtured strategies.

Biz Today International (the World's preeminent 24-hour English business news channel covering international affairs to its reader) published the Confluence Event with full details. The link is attached.

This reflects the immense power of the team of Global Influencers spreading knowledge through disruptive means to enlighten the world. Humbled for your magnanimity, each one of you. Words are limited to appreciate your selfless efforts.


THRIVE Confluence Snapshot 30.05.2020

Wow! What an accomplished THRIVING day!

One of the most enriching, energetic and enlightening Confluences ever. 3 Hours of full energy on insightful topics by powerful speakers in 5 minutes capsule insights followed by quick questions from the audience. Influencers and participants, all utilised every minute of the engaging Confluence. Really Wow!

Thanks to Dr. Simmy Kataria for hosting the event.

Thanks to Farha Nagree Vohra for being the humble emcee.

Special thanks to all influencers.

Heartfelt gratitude to each of the delightful participants who ensured to extract the best from our Speakers.

THRIVE Confluence Completion 30.05.2020

Yes, In Love with THRIVE...

Coordinating 500+ registrations along different geographical boundaries, spreading to more that 30 countries, mapping different time zones, super powerful Influencers from 18 countries, speaking on 18 important topics, all in a capsule of 180 minutes, it was truly a herculean task in the new normal era.

When OPOIE announced on 16.05.2020 that the THRIVE Confluence is on 30.05.02020, the team was flooded with lots of queries and challenges. But with the energy of the Speakers, help from the participants and the zeal of the team, we achieved it meticulously and beautifully.

300+ concurrent participants, average 130 participants at any time over the 3 hour session and live access to the essential tips from the industry leaders. We couldn't have asked for more.

All presentations delivered in the Confluence are uploaded in the folder "THRIVE International Confluence 30.05.2020" at www.OPOIE.com

Presentation - Creative Innovation

Innovation is evolutionary and essential for existence and survival. Incremental improvements are mandatory for products/ services and disruptive innovations are the need of the VUCA world. OPOIE presents "Creative Innovation" covering Innovation, creative organisations, Innovation types, Innovation process, enhancing Innovation and managerial toolkit. Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Illuminate Improvise Magnetize Have an innovative week ahead.

"THRIVE Confluence Monthly Series" (30.05.2020)

Introducing some of the influencers for THRIVE Confluence (Alphabetically)... Adil Malia, Chief Executive, The Firm Barbara Landers-Schultz, CHRO, Germany Farhana Vohra, Owner, Miraki Hamza Taqi, MPC, Chief Excitement Officer, Kuwait Julie Lewis, Founder & CEO, The Global ”Be the water" Institute, UAE Dr. Pramod Sadarjoshi, Founder & CEO, TALENTSMITH CONSULTING Mahesh Bhatt, Chief Operating Officer, Terrier Services (Part of Quess Corp Ltd.) Mahesh Iyer, Best Leader in Skill Development space by ILA Dr M Ashraf Rizvi, Founder & CEO, Maxel Dr Michel Gagne, CEO, Coaching & Training Asia, Malaysia Mukesh Bajaj, Founder, CreditCheck Partners Private Limited Dr. Sudhakar Manav, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Hospitals May 30th, 2020, Saturday 17:30 Hrs-20:30 Hrs IST (12:00–15:00 Hrs GMT) o18 Topic o18 Countries o180 Minutes Please register on https://lnkd.in/e2m_S8T

Presentation - Entrepreneurship - Starting a Start-Up

Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups are the backbone of growing economies. Most of the giant organisations today had been a one room struggling idea few years back. In the last few months, all governments and especially the Indian Government, have stressed on giving multiple benefits to Entrepreneurs and relaxing regulations including waivers to promote the Start-Up culture. OPOIE presents "Entrepreneurship - Starting a Start-Up" covering Entrepreneurship, Start-Up ecosystem, Product, Process, Ownership Types, Statutory compliances, Investment Options, Scaling, Business plan, Pitch deck, Govt. Support, Incubators, Accelerators, VCs insights and Managerial toolkit. This will assist the new Entrepreneurs and the ones already on the journey, to follow a structured approach and avoid pitfalls. Wishing to see your enterprise in Fortune 500 list soon... Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Illuminate Improvise Magnetize Have a growing and glowing week ahead.

"THRIVE Confluence Monthly Series" (30.05.2020)

Discussions on most relevant 18 Topics, with influencers from 18 Countries for a time duration of 180 Minutes. Please reserve your availability on Saturday, May 30th, 2020 (17:30 – 20:30 Hrs IST/ 12:00 – 15:00 Hrs GMT) The Topics for this month's Confluence are : - T – Time, Team, Transformation H – Holistic Wellness, Human Touch, Harmony R – Resilience, Responsibility, Reflection I – Influence, Innovation, Investment V – VUCA, Vision, Versatility E – EI, Effectiveness, Empowerment Please register on https://lnkd.in/gZqSZzH

"Time Management - Master the Minutes" online session with Lady Irwin College. (06.05.2020)

When life throws you lemons, make a lemonade. Little did anyone know that the lockdown can be converted into a wonderful learning opportunity working towards self elevation. The time spent on self growth and improving routine, fitness and immunity was the blessing in the turbulent times. Several sessions have been delivered by the OPOIE Mentors in the past forty days and the one conducted today deserves a huge round of applause. Fifth year in a row, OPOIE was blessed to get the opportunity from Lady irwin college Delhi University to mentor their young vibrant energy bundles. And the topic chosen was "Time Management - Master the Minutes". Sixty participants were in the waiting room at the time of the start of session. What more inspiration can we seek from these sincere students? The OPOIE mentors from USA, Mumbai, Gurugram, Delhi, Noida and Ghaizabad gave their insights and several tips and tricks to participants to utilize every minute of their time. The committed participants did their goal settings and drew their timelines to see their version 2.0. The promise to utilize their every minute will soon take them to the big boardrooms of the corporate houses.

Presentation - Time Management - Master the Minutes

The 24 Hours are not enough for multi-tasking aspiring minds unless they master the minutes. There is too much to do and too little time. Time management increases effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is taking you any closer to where you want to be tomorrow? OPOIE presents "Master the Minutes" covering excellent insights into analyzing time, planning time, enhancing time and many tricks to extract the real value of each minute. These are essential for any budding professional. It is never too late to become what you might have been. Earlier/ upcoming mini stories or presentations may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Illuminate Improvise Magnetize Have a valued week ahead.

Presentation - Adaptability

Hope you are taking good care of yourself, family, loved ones and the community. The present situation is going to be THE NEW NORMAL in the POST COVID ERA. With few relaxations, across the globe, in an effort to bring the crippling economy back on track, the single most essential skill for everyone would be Adaptability Skills. From Darwin's theory of survival of fittest to the disruptive VUCA world, Adaptability ensures smooth transformation of individuals and organisations. OPOIE presents Adaptability Skills, Cultural Adaptability, Adaptability Quotient, Enhancing Adaptability and Managerial Toolkit. Organisations these days demand complete change of mindset and quick response to the ever-changing scenarios. Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Kindly utilize the lockdown for self learning and elevation. Insight Imbibe Magnetize Have a stupendous week ahead.

Presentation - WFH (Work From Home or Work Flexibility for Health).

If you do not come out of the lockdown with newer skills, vaster knowledge and fitter health, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline and intention. OPOIE has been advocating that one needs to be adaptable to the next VUCA disruptions and that CHAOS is going to be the new normal. The world never envisaged that it will be so soon and in the form of the current pandemic. We will soon win over this and the enlightened mankind will learn many positive lessons during and after this transformation. The workspace has already experimented new horizons including WFH. Perceiving the good in everything and seeing this as an opportunity and focusing on self learning will assist to smoothly tide over this time. OPOIE presents Cyber Hygiene, Vehicle care and Wellness tips while operating on WFH. Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Kindly utilize the lockdown for self learning and upliftment. Influence Inspire Mesmerize Please take care of yourself, family, loved ones and the community. Have a safe week ahead.

Presentation - Right to Information (RTI) and Transparency.

Hope, wish and remind you to take care of yourself, your family members, your community and everyone known to you to fight against COVID-19. Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom are the ascending scales for empowered communication. Right to Right Information has been demanded by every democracy across the globe. While some developed countries initiated it few centuries back, India took some time to implement the RTI Act, 2005. OPOIE presents "RTI and Transparency", an essential tool of Corporate Governance, which provides insights into the genesis of RTI in India and global benchmarks. The presentation also provides detailed information on Voluntary Disclosure and Transparency Audit which are the second stage revolution after RTI. Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Kindly utilize the lockdown for self learning and upliftment. Influence Inspire Mesmerize Have a blessed week ahead.

Presentation - Dozen Ps of OPOIE.

All of us must have read the 4Ps or subsequently the 7Ps of the marketing mix. In the present VUCA world, excelling in professional and personal sphere is extremely important for every individual to be successful and achieve the purpose of life. OPOIE advocates to imbibe the Dozen Ps which every person should understand in depth and implement the takeaways in order to extract the maximum value and happiness in their life. The Dozen Ps of Purpose, Planning, Prioritize, Practice, Presence, Passion, Proactive, Project, Persevere, Personalize, Persuasion and Positivity are the essential ingredients for peaceful living. These Dozen Ps need to be revisited frequently to bring oneself back on track. These traits are essential from entry level to C Suite executives. OPOIE presents excellent compilation of 12 short stories on the Dozen Ps having corporate insights and real life learning. The stories assist to motivate the reader to think on an abstraction level and upgrade themselves with each passing day. Mini Stories related to each of the 12 Ps have been shared earlier and the image revisits the same in the subconscious. Few additional concepts relevant to present day chaos are also embedded to motivate the reader. Earlier/ upcoming presentations or mini stories may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com Please take care of yourself, your family members, your community and everyone known to you to fight against any known/ unknown enemy especially COVID-19. These are testing times and the responsibilities rest on the shoulders of learned people to save everyone from this perceived threat. Influence Inspire Mesmerize Have a safe and healthy week ahead.

"Dozen P's" session in MDI Gurgaon. (4.03.2020)

Each one of us always aspire to uplift others and elevate ourself. As Mentors, we fetch the energy from the bright students and derive the knowledge from the experienced professionals. Some of the top corporate houses of India including Government, PSUs and Private have given our Mentors the much needed rich insights into business and professionalism. However, the icing on the cake is the freshness from the top B Schools, Technical institutions and universities with professional courses whose students keep us on our toes. Mentor did a wonderful delivery of the session on "Dozen P's" providing required subject knowledge and linking it beautifully to the corporate world using 12 mini stories and their relevance in the present VUCA world. The participants were just awesome, keeping our mentors and the team fully engaged and recharged after the session. They will go a long way. Best wishes.

WEN (Women Entrepreneurs Network) event in Gurugram. (22.02.2020)

WEN (Women Entrepreneurs Network) hosted their maiden entrepreneurs networking event in Gurugram and Wow...It was awesome energy... Inspiring speakers..Amazing participants.. Insightful sessions and the sponsors and partners did true justice to the three hour event which saw huge participation of the big names of the industry. OPOIE is humbled to be the Leadership Training Partner for the grand event. Many more to come. Thanks to all for gracing the occasion. #OPOIE

"Emphatic Resume" session in Lady Irwin College, Delhi". (27.02.2020)

All our Mentors say, "We derive our energy from the active and bright participants". The icing on the cake is when the young, beautiful and vibrant audience ensures to extract every bit from the Mentor, respond whole heartedly in all activities, complete the assigned tasks and communicate back the homework as per the timelines. Wow! the energetic students of Lady Irwin College, Delhi University mesmerized the Mentors of OPOIE in the session on EMPHATIC RESUME. And even after the completion of the session, responded back by correcting their social media profiles, updating their resume, preparing their 90 seconds and so on. The participants certainly have a bright future ahead. #opoie #skills #motivation #leadership #mentoring #success #miracle #goals #training #positivity #growth #learning #Inspire #knowledge #mindset

Presentation - Employability Skills Overview.

Employability Skills are required at all stages of career for growth betterment, career switch and profile enhancement. The selection is always a cut throat competition to be in top 5% to transform from "Seeker to Sought After". Job seekers need latest market updates and also recruiter’s insight for cover letter, ATS compliant resume, social media profiling, group discussion, interview, communication skills, body language, professional English, aptitude score etc. The presentation aims to enrich by imparting the essential skills required before each employment effort and to enlighten the latest trends for developing the individual’s personality in line with industry requirements.  Each slide is an independent full presentation on "Employability Skills" which may be freely downloaded from www.OPOIE.com. Influence Inspire Mesmerize Have a divine week ahead.

Presentation - ECG (Essentials of Corporate Growth)

The essential skills (self-development/ soft skills) are the most desirable skills for personal or professional space. Each professional, right from employment search to being the CXO, needs them to escalate the corporate ladder smoothly and for survival. Industry 4.0, corporate governance laws, emotional intelligence etc. would demand mandatory upgradation of these skills. You need them to be the best version of yourself, always. Each page of the attached ECG is an independent full presentation which may be freely downloaded from www.OPOIE.com for perusal. Influence Inspire Mesmerize Have a spectacular week ahead.

Presentation - POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace)

Corporate Governance and the image of company are the real worth in eyes of all stakeholders. Women are the epitome of origin and symbolize growth. However, they are not treated with due respect at some workplaces by few men. Gender diversity has been mandated in the company boards by the governments across the globe. In India, the directions on the subject came from the Hon'ble Supreme Court through "Vishaka Guidelines, 1997" and thereafter with "The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013". Several incidences have been highlighted wherein these laws have been exhaustively utilized. OPOIE presents the insights into interpretation and implementation of various statutes applicable on POSH. The presentation covers sexual harassment, types, workplace classification, Internal Committee, Local Committee, redressal mechanism, inquiry, recommendations, penal provisions, International laws related to safety of women and Managerial Toolkit. It also briefly covers additional mechanisms including SHe-Box, SHOR app, IPC Sections, POCSO, Constitutional Rights, Employment Act etc. The PPT shall serve as a ready reckoner covering the laws related to workplace sexual harassment. Have a blissful week ahead and a healthy working environment always. Influence Inspire Mesmerize

"60th Pan IIM meet at Noida". (22.12.2019)

The 60th Pan IIM meet at Noida with the theme - WHAT MAKES A SUCCESSFUL STARTUP IDEA saw participation from high and mighty of the industry - Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, PE Funds, several founders and bright IIM Colleagues. Our Mentor delivered awesome insights to the Entrepreneurial Journey giving insights to the budding Entrepreneurs on Start-up ideas and taking the journey ahead. Great time and amazing learning !

"Dining Etiquette session to civil service officers". (14.012.2019)

Etiquette segregate Gentlemen and Ladies from the crowd. You are silently being observed by everyone around you on your etiquette display which constitute your first impression. In formal/ non-formal dining, everyone is adjudged on the dining etiquette displayed in public. This makes or mars the chances of long term opportunities or relationships. A session on Dining Etiquette was delivered to the young civil service Officers. Actual demonstration within the class as well as in the dining area was practiced to ensure prompt redressal of queries and bring the concepts in practice.

"Self development skills" session (12.12.2019)

Self development skills are the most important aspects in professional and personal space. These skills can be quantified as essential skills for corporate growth. OPOIE got the opportunity to demonstrate and inculcate these skills in the new Officers of the Govt. of India. The new Officers undergoing their training module, fresh after their UPSC success polished these skills in their interaction with OPOIE Mentors. Our Mentor, the invincible, did true justice to the interactive session. The young audience ensured to utilise every second of the duration and left the mentors spellbound with their diligence, zeal and energy. The audience with their valid and insightful queries on change management, etiquette, team, leadership, VUCA, humility, tIme management, organizational culture and so on kept the session engaged and full of mutual learning. #OPOIE #ICLS #IICA #Mentoring #Training #SoftSkills

Presentation - Convincing Persuasive Skills.

Persuasion is regarded as the most charismatic skill of leaders for convincing the citizen, children or colleagues. Effective persuasion can get the commitment you need far quicker than barking out orders. Addressing other person’s concerns and offering solutions easily wins over anyone to your way of thinking. Not just persuade them, convince them for their lifetime of your integrity and influence that it is in the other person’s best interest to do what you’re asking them to do. OPOIE presents Convincing Persuasive Skills enlightening subtle ways to press an agenda without turning anyone off. The presentation covers successful persuasion, barriers to persuasion, tactics of persuasion, improving persuasive skills and the managerial tool kit. The presentation goes beyond the principles of reciprocity, commitment consistency, social proof, authority, likability and scarcity. A thoughtful persuasive influence can lead to getting what is wanted. Influencing and persuasive skills rather than authoritative leadership is the need of the hour. Influence Inspire Mesmerize All presentations on self development skills may be downloaded from www.OPOIE.com

Presentation - Skillful Storytelling.

Storytelling is counted amongst the most influential skills. Ted talks or public speaking skills need a strong structure of a story. A clearly communicated story is the backbone of captivating and alluring marketing strategy. OPOIE presents "Skillful Storytelling" comprising the art of storytelling, it's elements, the perspective and the power of storytelling. Storytelling with improvisation, theatrics or embellishment work as means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation or instilling moral values. Influence Inspire Mesmerize

OPOIE - Career Skills - Goal Accomplishing. (09.09.2019)

Goals are as essential to living as the oxygen is to life. However, not just setting goals but accomplishing them and taking the learnings ahead is what identifies the achievers. OPOIE compiles the core principles of Goal Setting, Goal Achieving, Goal Sustaining and Goal Improvising. The concepts of SMARTER Goals, Framing Goals, 6 Ws, 3Ps, Goal Chart, Time Chart, Action Plan etc. are exhaustively covered in the presentation. Your goals will certainly require your vigorous participation to accomplish them. To succeed, and have focus and direction, you need to set goals, achieve them and treasure them. This would allow you to take control of your life. Influence Inspire Mesmerize

OPOIE - Life Skills - Progressive Parenting. (05.08.2019)

Presentation - Progressive Parenting. Progressive Parenting is the responsibility of a lifetime using Purpose, Patience and Persistence to utilize Experience, Experiment and Expectation (past, present and future) to propel the Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement of the present generations children. OPOIE compiles the concepts of Parenting, Parenting Styles, Handling Teenagers, Parenting Tools and the Managerial Toolkit to give insights to the behavior of the kids and how to ensure their excellence in personal and professional space. The A to Z of Progressive Parenting, Reward Charts, Progressive Parenting Pledge, Happiness Index, Emotional Wellness, Spiritual Discipline, Inner Child Healing, Alter-Ego etc. are the essential skills to be used for upbringing SCOTCH children. https://youtu.be/fuRHeqeDkpU Influence Inspire Mesmerize

"OPOIE - Career Skills - XQs (Multi-Quotients) or Excuse?" (15.07.2019)

Presentation - XQs (Multi-Quotients) or Excuse? Do we excel in one chapter of life and are mediocre/ novice in other chapters? Are we just having good academic scores or perfection in only one vertical in corporate life? Are we equipped with additional skills and are adapted for change? Can we handle situations we have never perceived? Are we ready for an unknown tomorrow? Multiple Intelligences, first coined by Gardner in 1983, highlights skills of visual-spatial, linguistic-verbal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic and naturalistic. With the rapidly changing corporate world and evolving life, it is essential for each of us to be equipped with Multi-Quotients and not just a few. OPOIE presents the main Quotients required by everyone in present day VUCA world i.e. Intelligence, Emotional, Physical, Creativity, Adversity and Spiritual Quotients. These are essential for personal and professional growth and elevate us as human beings. No more Excuses! It's XQs or Excuse! https://youtu.be/mCx7mWoB09w Influence Inspire Mesmerize

"OPOIE - Life Skills - CHAOS (Change Has Alternative Outstanding Solutions) - Embracing Discomfort." (10.06.2019)

Presentation - CHAOS (Change Has Alternative Outstanding Solutions) - Embracing Discomfort. Change is the only permanent thing. However, the speed of adaptability defines the growth, resilience and survival. Be it individual, teams or organizations, an effective change management strategy marks a reasonable difference in the outcomes and further growth. OPOIE presents CHAOS - Embracing Discomfort, to provide insights into Change, Principle/ Forces/ Theories, Motivating Change, Managing Transition, Sustaining Momentum, Reinforcing Change and the Managerial tool kit. Scale, Duration, Magnitude and Speed are the essential elements of change transformation. In the present VUCA world of shifting priorities and disruptions by Millennials, the sooner we adopt, the better is the survival of the fittest. Create CHAOS and see your better version, everyday. Watch: https://youtu.be/At89qCvg4n8

"Outbound Networking Event" (21.05.2019)

Talent inspires us, always, and what better opportunity than hundreds of super-talented people across age groups, across geographical regions, across varied experience coming for networking and interactions. The event was filled with enthusiasm and games apart from ensuring that the batches across 1954 to 2020 interact with each other. Lots of contentment and learning for our mentors and the emcee. Glimpse of an outbound networking event. The executives belonged to the first technical university of India and had traveled across the globe to reach Gurugram. The event was learning and networking across batches from 1954 to 2020. It was more fun for the emcee and the mentor to interact with such bright talent of age groups ranging from teens to super senior citizens.

"Inspiring self and Inspiring others" session at RBMI Group of Institutions, (04.05.2019)

Watering the buds to glow them into bright flowers would give us pride and satisfaction of achieving our life objectives. A session on "Inspiring self and inspiring others" was delivered by our super charged Mentor Amar Chaudhary who guided the young bright participants of the infinite opportunities in different verticals available across the Globe. The bright participants at RBMI Group of Institutions were high on energy and utilized every moment of the interaction. They have a bright future and we wish them all the very best.

"Employability Skills" session at Lady Irwin College, Delhi. (23.04.2019)

Talented students migrating seamlessly to the Corporate world and pragmatic to learn the nuances of the new life in store. The icing on the cake is the bright students from the renowned Lady Irwin College Lady Irwin School. Our Mentors delivered Employability Skills to the passing out post graduate batch. The basics of attitude modulations, communication skills, cover letter writing, group discussions, resume building, dressing etiquette, presentation skills, interview handling etc. were delivered in the interactive session. The students ensured that they forced the mentors to extend the session by an hour. Respect and gratitude to the authorities of the college and all the very best to the students for their bright future.

"Work Place Etiquette" session at Lady Irwin College, Delhi (04.04.2019)

When you get bright students, your heart is filled with joy. When you get bright and beautiful students, you are overwhelmed. The icing on the cake are the big attentive eyes following you throughout the session and not even noticed being blinked. The awesome students of Lady Irwin college Lady Irwin School Quintessence - The Annual Festival of Lady Irwin College,Delhi University have always been cherished by OPOIE. And yes, every next batch is more sincere and talented. Session on work place etiquette at Lady Irwin college by our Mentors was a treat for us. Govering sitting, standing, dressing, mailing, public places, senior-peer-subordinate, dining, image management, grooming, branding, social media etc. was delivered. Refined inputs in the highly interactive session instilled enthusiasm in our Mentor. The students are amazing. They will go a long way.

"An engaging session with the UPSC qualified officers (10.03.2019)

Mentor Savvy Swati Bagga with her rich experience in the corporate world and media domain ensured to extend her learning to the fresh officers straight from the Civil services examination. These officers are going to be the backbone of the companies countrywide as well as globally and our Mentor ensured to leave no stone unturned to make the session lively and filled with real life learning. The participants were enthralled by her insights and her subtle way of handling the queries mesmerized the learned audience.

"Image Management and Professional Dressing" session to the ICLS Academy Officers (09.03.2019)

Our Mentor Avni delivered Image Management and Professional Dressing session to the ICLS Academy Officers. The amazing session was filled with excitement and learning. The young talented officers learnt how to build the image in the beginning of the career which goes till the superannuation. The Professional Dressing activities kept the participants on toes and the day was well spent engaging and learning the basics. The country is in bright hands. These officers will go a long way.

"VUCA" session at Amity University, Noida U.P. (02.03.2019)

VUCA - the most appreciated and dreaded word in today's global corporate economies. The VOLATILITY in the market is so UNCERTAIN in this COMPLEX world scenario that it makes common people take AMBIGUOUS decisions. So how to excel in the VUCA world? Who better than our mentor Olga Valdepena from United States USA to enlighten the international students of Amity University Amity University,Noida . And these bright professionals brought so many insights with them and we came out confident that these professionals will not only excel but ensure that their organizations are agile and resilient. Awesome interactive session with two way abundant learning.

Inspiring session for MBA Graduates of Amity University, Noida U.P. (25.02.2019)

Inspiring and engaging session for MBA Graduates of Amity University,Noida. The batch had a varied mix from graduates to CEOs, from 21 year young to 55 year bright brains. The cherry on the cake was the interactive audience who kept our mentor Olga Claudia Valdepena engaged for the entire session. A day well spent learning the nuances of business from the best brains.

"OPOIE - Stimulating Mind Maps Presentation". (18.02.2019)

Stimulating Mind Maps. An intuitive framework to organically brainstorm thoughts and visually structure core ideas to help easy recall using non-linear graphical layout to convert monotonous information into colorful and organized content management system. Mind maps have proven excellence in learning, brainstorming, memory, visual thinking and problem solving. OPOIE puts in efforts to provide insights into mind maps, its purpose, types and the managerial tool kit to assist each one of us. Professionals need multi-tasking at every stage. Overloading of information and lopsided excessive pressures affect performance. Tools such as mind map not only enhance retention but also help us to streamline our work and life. World will always demand much more than your perceived potential. You are expected to adopt smarter tools to increase your efficiency and enhance the productivity. https://youtu.be/bXYxI8SkSXw

"OPOIE - VUCA Disruptions for Millennial Presentation". (28.01.2019)

The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world mandates you to be ambidextrous and multi-skilled. The disruptions are much faster than the SPEED OF THOUGHT and the change is adapted before the BLINK OF EYE. Millennial demand higher XQ(IQ,EQ,PQ,SQ,AQ and CQ) and the technological advancements are now beyond the imagination. Nations are competing to outpace the space growth and we are achieving the impossible everyday. OPOIE presents VUCA DISRUPTIONS FOR MILLENNIAL which gives a bird's eye view of the fast paced development across the globe. In this dynamic environment, self development skills are absolutely essential to escalate the corporate ladder exponentially. And the sooner, the better. "https://youtu.be/wSE69MZLGak

"ECG (Essentials of Corporate Growth)" session at GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE Noida U.P. (19.01.2019)

Team OPOIE delivered the signature ECG module of "Essentials of Corporate Growth" to the future C-Suite executives of GAIL (India) Limited. The enthusiastic audience participated wholeheartedly in the corporate games and the activities. None other than our Mentor Perfectionist Piyush Mahajan delivered the session to the amazing learners. All the very best to the team GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE Noida U.P and each of the participants.

"Communication Skills, Body Language and Work-Place Etiquette" session at GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE, Noida U.P. (17.01.2019)

Examinee is better than the examiner. Such strong words were heard from our mentors when they interacted with the bright young energetic officers from GAIL (India) Limited GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE Noida U.P. The awesome audience kept the mentors on their toes for the entire session. The session on Communication Skills, Body Language and Work-Place Etiquette went much beyond the domain by the interest and discipline of the amazing learners. We are sure the company is in talented hands and each of the audience will go a long way. Special thanks to the Mentor Swati Bagga.

OPOIE in the 2nd International Conference on the theme "Technology Innovation and Value Creation" organized by Amity University, Noida (21.12.2018)

OPOIE was invited to be the Keynote Speaker in the 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership on the theme "Technology Innovation and Value Creation" organized by Amity University, Noida. Superb Educators, Technocrats and Entrepreneurs from across the Globe were present on the occasion. The Senior Mentor from OPOIE was blessed with the DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER memento from the honorable organizers. The bright, talented and enthusiastic participants ensured an engaging session with valuable inputs.

"OPOIE - ECG - Essentials of Corporate Growth Presentation". (17.12.2018)

Essentials of Corporate Growth - ECG - (Secure encrypted document) covers the mandatory skill set that each professional needs to have in order to escalate the corporate ladder smoothly. ECG ensures to revolutionise the learning lifecycle of professionals for self development skills across all segments - entry level, junior/ middle/ senior management and leadership roles. The professionals mentored by OPOIE have contributed immensely to enhance the bottom line and top line of the organizations. ECG ensures higher growth opportunities both in professional and personal space at all levels of seniority covering campus to corporate, vision alignment, brand & image management, team building and leadership essentials helping to develop highly productive dedicated human capital. https://youtu.be/pDoUBLOMrS0

"Time Management" session at GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE, Noida U.P. (16.12.2018)

The most disciplined and versatile Mentor delivering the session on MASTER THE MINUTES to the most promising Indian company which is going to transform India's Energy space. The administrative office executives from GAIL (India) Limited having lots of potential and passion were mentored on Time Management basics including a lot of insightful activities by Mentor Piyush Mahajan. The executives are leading the enterprise to disruptions in gas based economy to match the statistics prevalent across the globe. The participants with impressive knowledge of the energy space were given corporate mantra for time management.

"ECG (Essentials of Corporate Growth)" session at GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE Noida U.P. (15.12.2018)

Mentoring on ECG (Essentials of Corporate Growth) to the future CXOs of the company having the largest cross-country natural gas pipeline projects in the world. The enthusiastic bright Officers from GAIL (India) Limited , the fastest growing Maharatna, ensured to utilize every second of the Mentor Vertika Vaish and learn the essence to grow exponentially in the organization. The passion of involvement of the audience was enhanced during the corporate games activities where they participated whole heartedly and learned the insights through simple tricks. All the very best to each of the participants whose energy inspired our Mentors. Wish to see a better version of them everyday as per their promise at GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE Noida U.P.

"Self Development" session of all Branch heads of North India. (08.12.2018)

How do you handle a super motivated audience who does not take tea-breaks or even bio-breaks? Mesmerized by the talented audience, the session mentor has no option but to let the audience control the flow and enjoy the learning from them. The Branch heads of a reputed bank ensured to extract the best from our Mentors in the session on Life Work Harmony. The session went non-stop and ended much after the scheduled time, only when the organised head enforced that the participants had to respect the time slot. What an amazing talented pool of participants and SIMPLY WOW....

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Life-Work Harmony". (04.12.2018)

Life-Work Harmony Workaholics need ubiquitous life. Multitasking is the best when it allocates essential time to life, family, relationship and self. Life is never a competition with yourself, it is rather refining and uplifting your persona every day. “Life-Work Harmony” focuses on enjoying the best of resources available to us. The presentation also gives insights to our priorities for professional, financial, wellness, spiritual, emotional or relationship. At times we are too busy to make a living that we forget life. The present generation demands a preference for long term happiness and not short term growth. Most of the reputed organizations are putting sincere efforts in increasing their happiness index. OPOIE team puts their humble inputs to harmonize your life and work. https://youtu.be/P4dl9wwvXmk

OPOIE - Employability Skills - Engaging Digital Marketing. (26.11.2018)

Last two decades have revolutionized the way humans think and act. Digitization has transitioned the physical space and digital tools including engagement, influencing and decision making. The disruptions in Digital Marketing have given new dimensions to the traditional marketing approaches of STP, 7 Ps, Porter's 5 forces or the 5 Cs. OPOIE presents a bird-eye view of the different Digital Marketing tools viz. SEO, SEM, content creation and marketing, social media marketing, digital display advertising, PPC/ PPM, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, digital media buying and web analytics. The presentation is an eye-opener for a newbie and a refresher for practitioners. The concepts of target segment and customer elicitation are to be kept in mind at each stage for a successful marketing campaign. The new technologies and regular disruptions are ensuring that sooner it will be prevalence of only digital marketing which in itself will generate multitude of job opportunities. Happy Learning. https://youtu.be/7N9Dkt2fhNY

OPOIE - Life Skills - Mindfulness. (05.11.2018)

Mindfulness Random thoughts in the garb of multitasking scatter our attention in distracted directions resulting in non-focused approach and unfinished or non-perfect work on all fronts. Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment which one can develop with some knowledge and little practice. Rumination contributes to the onset of mental disorders and mindfulness based interventions significantly reduce worries. Mindfulness is also a preventive strategy for the mental health problems. Professionals who have to manage multiple tasks at the same time including taking care of themselves, need to thoroughly understand mindfulness and practice it regularly. It has proven benefits and those following mindfulness are known to escalate corporate ladder smoothly, excelling both on the professional as well as the personal front. Be Mindful. Happy Mindfulness. https://youtu.be/qwZ6lAeCrvY

Workshops on "Work Place Etiquette and Dining Etiquette" at Lady Irwin College, Delhi on (04.11.2018)

Bright Students have always been source of inspiration, and especially when they become interactive in your presence, you tend to learn more than you deliver. Students of Lady Irwin college gave exemplary performance in the workshop on Etiquette. Two successive workshops on Work Place Etiquette and Dining Etiquette were delivered by Team OPOIE Piyush Mahajan Anshita Kashyap. The participants skipped the fest and pre-Diwali activities and got fully involved in the workshop displaying their best persona. As usual, the talented students filled us with more energy and enthusiasm.

OPOIE - Emotional Intelligence Presentation. (01.08.2018)

Several studies have proven that people with high Emotional Intelligence (EI) have greater mental health, job performance and leadership skills. Goleman reiterated that EI accounted for 67% of the essential abilities for superior performance and mattered at least twice as much as technical expertise (IQ). EI has become essential in the present VUCA world where disruptions are the norms of the day. EI, also referred to as multiple intelligence is required in abundance for each professional. However, as the pun goes, "Common Sense is not very Common", so is the case with EI, whose knowledge or awareness is not wide-spread. OPOIE presents a summary of the important aspects of EI including Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Social Skills. The presentation also provides the organization toolkit giving insights to its necessities and also tips to enhance EI. Be blessed! https://youtu.be/UW1UYF6Z4OQ

"Time Management" session on 06.09.2018

Time management is planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. The 24 Hours are not enough for multitasking aspiring minds unless they master the minutes. Session on Time Management titled "Master the Minutes" covered excellent insights into Chronodex time planning, Corporate Scramble Game and discussed analyzing time, planning time and enhancing time. The excellent participative active audience assured that henceforth what they are doing today is taking them closer to where they want to be tomorrow. It's never too late to become what you might have been...

"Change Management" session on 02.08.2018 at Corporation Bank

When the future CXOs of the Banking industry are interacting with you on "Change Management", you have vast options to learn the insights and the imminent disruptions. The adaptability to this persistent evolution and adoption of the changes is an art which every corporate professional should have. OPOIE is filled with appreciation for the branch heads of Corporation Bank who skipped the break, snacks etc and taught the mentors the essence of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. The presentation on "Who Moved My Cheese" was delivered to these budding CXOs of the banking sector who ingrained every bit of the session with enthusiasm, relevant queries and excellent insights. Harnessing the potential of these learned participants is now essential for the growth of the economy. All the very best.

OPOIE - Life Skills - Who Moved My Cheese. (30.07.2018)

With the disruptive technologies and the fast paced evolving growth across the world, Change Management is an essential part of ones personal and professional persona. Charles Darwin's "survival of the fittest" has been a guiding rule for the mankind to adapt to change or perish. "Who Moved My Cheese?" gives excellent insights into Change Management using four typical reactions to change. "If we do not change, we may become extinct" clearly signifies that change is the only permanent thing. Change is inevitable, progress is a choice. The only way to cope up with change is to create it or adopt it. OPOIE presents a summary of "Who Moved My Cheese" with management insights into corporate change management and personal alignment for handling the change. Preparing, equipping and supporting individuals to successfully adopt change and adapt to change in order to drive organizational success by harnessing the potential of change is an essential skill set these days. https://youtu.be/0KCzWVqifaA

"Communication and Team Building" session on 19.07.2018 at Corporation Bank with Senior/ Chief Managers

Power packed session with the Senior/ Chief Managers of Corporation Bank on Communication and Team Building. The audience with excellent leadership potential kept the mentors spellbound. It was a two way learning and the participants ensured that they extract every bit of learning from the OPOIE Mentors. The Branch heads of Corporation Bank were at their best in the activities and responded to every vibe in the presentation. Long way to go... Special thanks to the energy packed bundle Mentor Piyush Mahajan Congratulations to the winners!

"Essentials of Corporate Growth" session on 10.07.2018 at Corporation Bank

You are filled with appreciation for the audience when they respond enthusiastically to each vibration and learn actively with each activity. The first time branch managers of Corporation Bank. Corporation Bank were provided mentoring session on the Essentials of Corporate Growth and each of the participant proved to be an active learner at every transition. The session was filled with real insights of the banking industry and the discussions on the roles and responsibilities of the different levels (Junior/ Middle/ Senior/ Leadership) were accentuated with the fundamentals of customer elicitation. True justice to the session was done by our Mentor Piyush Mahajan by involving one and all in the activities and taking the session smoothly covering the entire life-cycle of the professionals and the expectations from them.

OPOIE Employability Skills - Emphatic Resume. (10.07.2018)

Interview gets you the job and Resume gets you the interview. A strong resume ensures a positive first impression which can be converted to an interview call and thereafter a final selection. OPOIE's presentation on "Emphatic Resume" guides and equips you to be in the selectors eye and mind. Watch : https://youtu.be/5vdT_TCLLtw

"OPOIE- Life Skills - Reversing Lifestyle Disorders" (02.07.2018)

Medical science has empirical cure for only 26 diseases.- Erich Segal (In the international best selling novel DOCTORS). Every doctor now advocates that instead of solving ailments, efforts should be made to avoid ailments and restrict the onslaught of diseases. Preventive care is much easier and cheaper than clinical medical treatment. Fast paced technology led lifestyle demands proper nutrition and rest for mind and body. Lifestyle correction is the most important factor to be considered for complete wellness and preventive care. OPOIE presents core concepts on how to prevent lifestyle related ailments and how to reverse lifestyle disorders. The presentation reminds us that health is wealth and being healthy is our responsibility. The concepts in the presentation are must follow for all professionals in the present day lifestyle. Take good care of your body and your body will take good care of you. Happy well-being. https://youtu.be/i-HlkdsBOZQ

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Motivation Mantra." (15.06.2018)

Moti(vati)on is Motion in Living Beings and is the crux of the three laws of motion (for objects); The law of Moti(vati)on comprises of the law of inertia (Willingness to change the status quo), the speed of change (Efforts to achieve the desired results) and the effect of internal/ external forces (Motivate others and stay motivated) and these motivation mantras become the real reflection of professionals. Motivation is the set of factors stimulating energy in people to be continually committed to a role or to make an effort to attain a goal. It results from the interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors such as the intensity of desire, incentive of the goal and matching of expectations of the individual. OPOIE presents "Motivation Mantra" which gives the insight of how you can get someone do the assigned job, with the person so inspired as if it is his job and his objective would be to aspire and complete it in a time bound manner with perfection. Motivate and stay motivated....

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Six Thinking Hats." (15.05.2018)

Six Thinking Hats helps us explore different perspectives of a complex situation by creating focus on one thing at a time without offending others. The methodology is utilized by fortune 500 firms for strategy formation and complex decision-making processes by offering an alternative to the argument system. OPOIE presents a quick summary of The Six Thinking Hats covering creative, critical, constructive thinking and utilizing the concepts in various situations to reduce the timelines and increase the top lines. Happy Lateral Thinking...

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Dressing Etiquette for Professionals." (01.05.2018)

Your professional image says a lot about you. While what you do at work and how well you do it is important, if you really want to climb up the corporate ladder fast, you have got to increase your visibility, build influence and enhance your executive presence. Dressing etiquette is all about how you present yourself. Presenting a polished professional image at work gives your co-workers and clients a lasting first impression. OPOIE presents "Dressing etiquette for professionals" to build our corporate presence to ensure our serious reflection and instantly boost our professional credibility

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Cohesive Team Building." (01.04.2018)

Organization Culture - Accountable people with complementary skills committed to common purpose of performance to achieve uncommon goals. Yes! That is what a Team is, and the objective to make the result more than the sum of its parts is why Team building is the most coveted topic. OPOIE presents how 1+1=11 and not 2. The Presentation "Cohesive Team Building" talks about the basics of Team, its development, the elements, various roles and how to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. May the Team sail smoothly.

"OPOIE - Life Skills - EVM to OAR." (01.03.2018)

Organization Culture - EVM to OAR. Organizations demand high OAR (Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility) and it can only be fulfilled by Professionals having abundant EVM (Ethics, Values and Moral). These Life Skills can not be injected overnight but are inculcated gradually through culture and learning. Responsibilities are assigned by organizations, wherein bright professionals pick accountability for their domain and the best ones display exemplary ownership for self and team and ensure that the organization grows exponentially. OPOIE presents an overview of the EVMs for Professionals and guides how OAR will not only boost your career growth but also set benchmarks for organizational culture. EVM and OAR will ensure holistic growth of you and your organization under any circumstances.

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Instigating and Harnessing Conflicts." (01.02.2018)

Conflict Management is essential to embrace conflict, accept the differences, manage the contradictions, utilize the positives and give a result higher than the pre-conflict imagination. Conflicts are created to assess the product or team and settle the unforeseen errors internally. OPOIE presents "Instigating and Harnessing Conflicts" to evolve sustainable business culture to supplement productivity and cohesive teamwork. The presentation covers organizational conflicts, workplace behavior models and different conflict resolution techniques. Conflicts are inevitable part of success and instigating the right conflict and harnessing it to the interest of the organization and the employees is an essential skill set for managers and leaders.

"OPOIE - Employability Skills - Noticeable LinkedIn Profiles." (14.01.2018)

Recruiters consider a professional to be a professional if he/ she is properly mapped on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has undoubtedly become the universally accepted network for learners and corporate leaders. However, a lot of us have not been able to utilize the power of LinkedIn. OPOIE presents "Noticeable LinkedIn Profiles" to enable you to harness the supernatural power of LinkedIn platform. The presentation guides you to create a proper profile, create the valid content and engage the right audience. All students undergoing professional courses and all people in any professional capacity need to undergo the profile and activity check to ensure that others are reading them right. Happy Linking!

"OPOIE wishes a learned and content year 2018." (01.01.2018)

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our connects for our stupendous 2017. Your presence ensured that we are more learned, matured and a better version of ourselves. At the transition to the new year, let us resolve to spread more happiness to achieve the interdependent aspirations with pure love and tender care. Wishing you an awesome 2018 with abstraction thinking, fulfillment of all your soulful desires, blissful contentment and amazing health.

"OPOIE - Master the Minutes" (15.12.2017)

The 24 Hours are not enough for multitasking aspiring minds unless they master the minutes. Undoubtedly, the most important asset ever is time. There is too much to do and too little time. Ask yourself if what you are doing today is taking you any closer to where you want to be tomorrow? Time management is planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. OPOIE presents "Master the Minutes" covering excellent insights into analyzing time, planning time and enhancing time. The summary Time Management Tool Kit is essential for leaders and is a must have for any budding professional. It's never too late to become what you might have been... The presentation is available in the dashboard in Life Skills study material.

"OPOIE - FDP - Mentoring Millennials in the Era of Digital Darwinism" (07.12.2017)

Mentoring the Mentors of the Millennials... WoW... The brilliant opportunity given to OPOIE to present a session in the Faculty Development Programme on "MENTORING MILLENNIALS IN THE ERA OF DIGITAL DARWINISM" was excellently utilized by presenting "R U SMARTER THAN UR SMARTPHONE". The talented, interactive and charming senior faculty members from the prestigious institute group MERI ensured that the learning was two way and the all participants including OPOIE Mentors were enthralled and enlightened.

"OPOIE - RU Smarter than UR Smartphone" (05.12.2017)

Smartphones have become an essential tool for any person on the planet. An average person knows 11% features of any basic smartphone and hardly uses 5% of these. Our work efficiency can be increased by 150% if we use the smartphone efficiently. OPOIE revised the presentation on "RU SMARTER THAN UR SMARTPHONE" with the latest trends of the industry. The presentation will be delivered to Faculty of Academic Institutions in the Faculty Development Program at MERI "Mentoring Millennials in the Era of Digital Darwinism" on 07.12.2017

"OPOIE - Image to Identity" (01.12.2017)

Great Identities are not born overnight; All professionals need to be enlightened on how to nourish a sought after Image, migrate into a personal Brand and then create a niche Identity which the world aspires and remembers. You are assessed, evaluated and judged on the image you project or reflect. OPOIE presents "Image to Identity" covering the Self/ Social Image; First Impressions; Body, Face and Dressing skills; Refining &Ripening Persona; Perception & Personal Styling and Identity. The presentation enables you to introspect on your existence and envisions you to be a World Icon. A must read for everyone in any career stage. The presentation is available in the dashboard in Life Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Cohesive Team Building" (15.11.2017)

Accountable people with complementary skills committed to common purpose of performance to achieve uncommon goals. Yes! That is what a team is, and the objective to make the result more than the sum of its parts is why team building is the most coveted topic. OPOIE presents how 1+1=11 and not 2. Cohesive Team Building talks about the basics of Team, its development, the elements, roles and how to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. The presentation is a must exercise for any professional to escalate exponentially in career. May the Team sail smoothly! The presentation is available in the dashboard in Life Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Eye catching Cover Letter." (01.11.2017)

First impression is the last impression. The first mail is a personal branding imbibed by the recipient. Whether it is a prospective employer or a senior or a company colleague or a business stakeholder, the first communication gives an everlasting impression of your learning abilities, sincerity, discipline and enthusiasm. OPOIE presents Eye-catching Cover Letter which provides the essence and structure of the first mail communication. The Cover letter ensures that your attachments and follow up communication would be given due respect. College Students, Entry level professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business associates need to follow these basics in any communication. Happy Mailing! The presentation is available in the dashboard in Employability Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Workshop on Work Place Etiquette at Lady Irwin College." (30.10.2017)

Senior Mentors of OPOIE interacted with the bright and charming students of Lady Irwin College (M. Sc., B. Sc.) in a workshop on "Work Place Etiquette" on 30.10.2017. The two hour workshop saw the students enthralled by the OPOIE team and the mentors gained a lot from the attentive audience. The importance of work place etiquette including communication skills (verbal/ non verbal), empathy, WIIFM, mailing discipline, dining etiquette and several other aspects were demonstrated to the students who maintained sincere discipline and participated actively. The faculty from the college also attended the workshop and appreciated the efforts of the OPOIE Team. The presentation is available in the dashboard in Career Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Career Skills Workshop at Lady Irwin College." (29.10.2017)

Senior Mentors of OPOIE will be delivering a workshop on "Work Place Etiquette" at Lady Irwin College on 30.10.2017. Registered students of OPOIE may interact with the mentoring team before and after the workshop schedule. All the best to the participants and attendees. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Career Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Eye-catching Cover Letter." (15.10.2017)

First impression is the last impression. The first mail is the personal branding imbibed by the recipient. Whether it is a prospective employer or a senior or a company colleague or a business stakeholder, the first communication gives an everlasting impression of your learning abilities, sincerity, discipline and enthusiasm. The presentation "Eye-catching Cover Letter" provides the essence and structure of the first mail communication. The cover letter ensures that your attachments and follow up communication is given due respect. College students, entry level professionals, entrepreneurs and business associates need to follow these basics in any communication. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Employability Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Stress Management." (01.10.2017)

The only person without stress is a dead Body - Hans Selye. Stress management is the most discussed topic in all age profiles and aims at controlling a person's levels of stress for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. OPOIE presents the holistic view of stress fundamentals, its impact, its symptoms and ways to cope up with stress. The presentation gives a broad understanding of different types of stress i.e. eustress, distress, hypostress and hyperstress and advocates the viewer to lead a healthy work life balance. Keep smiling and have a less stressed life!!! The presentation is available in your dashboard in Life Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Work Place Etiquette." (15.09.2017)

Etiquette is the invention of wise and learned men to keep fools at a distance - Richard Steele. Work Place Etiquette are the minimum socially accepted norms which makes you a favorite of everyone around. It ensures your personal branding of being the Best and enables you to empathize with the people around you. OPOIE presents a capsule of the etiquette required everywhere. The presentation briefly covers basics of personal branding, introduction manners, phone behavior, dressing sense, body language, mailing norms and dining etiquette. It is a must read and follow for everyone. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Life Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Life Skills - Dining Etiquette." (30.08.2017)

Dining Etiquette are essential skills for any professional thereby segregating and identifying gentlemen/ ladies from ordinary citizen. Not only are you being silently reviewed by your seniors, you are also observed by the wait staff and people around you. Dining Etiquette is a mandatory credit course in professional colleges and also the finishing skills are taught to all corporate employees in any management grade. OPOIE presents the basic and advance rules of table which are a must learn and practice for every individual. The presentation must be thoroughly practiced by everyone before dining in a public place. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Life Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Employability Skills - Brothers of 1947 (India & Pakistan)." (15.08.2017)

The most favorite and relevant topic for any discussion today is India-Pakistan. Corporate corridors, formal group discussions in academics, International media and informal chats always consider this topic . On the occasion of Independence Day, OPOIE brings to you some facts about the brothers of yesteryears. The presentation gives an overview of the vast topic on important parameters. The data has been collected from various sources/ websites and every effort has been made to present authentic statistics. The objective is a consolidated dashboard for the viewer and viewers are requested to cross check the data in case of any confusion. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Employability Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Life Skills - RU Smarter than UR Smartphone." (30.07.2017)

Smartphones have become an essential tool for any person on the planet. Everyone spends more time with their smartphones than with anybody/ anything else. But do we really know how to use its features properly? An average person knows 11% features of any basic smartphone and hardly uses 5% of these. Our work efficiency can be increased by 150% if we use the smartphone efficiently. OPOIE's presentation on "RU SMARTER THAN UR SMARTPHONE" highlights the basic terminology and showcases generic features which will make you smarter than your peers. Each term in the presentation is a chapter in itself and users are advocated to imbibe the features and expertise. The presentation also cautions about the lifestyle disorders associated with prolonged improper usage of smartphones. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Life Skills study material.

"OPOIE - Social Media - Linkedin." (20.07.2017)

OPOIE's Linkedin Page is an excellent reference for corporates and professional students. You will get seniors from industry and alumni from IIMs on OPOIE. You may review the page at "https://www.linkedin.com/company/opoie " You may also add yourself to the CEO's page on "https://www.linkedin.com/in/kp-singh-1039a5143"

OPOIE - Social Media - Facebook." (10.07.2017)

OPOIE Facebook Page is a boon for professional students and corporates. You may get frequent updates by liking the page at "https://www.facebook.com/OPOIE " You may also add yourself to the CEO's page on "https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014677662442 "

"OPOIE - Career Skills - Negotiation Skills." (02.07.2017)

Win Win Negotiation Skills ensure that you win in every situation. A Negotiation is not a zero sum game that one person wins the exact amount which the other person looses. Rather, by building a rapport, timing the persuasion, gauging the competition and with due assertiveness, the process is turned out into an excellent relationship building. OPOIE presents the intricacies of Negotiation Skills. The presentation covers the basic understanding of the concepts along with advanced skill set for execution. Any one in any career, especially project or product management, needs these essential skills. Boss and Subordinate Management is also nothing but Negotiation Skills. Happy Negotiating. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Career Skills Study Material.

"OPOIE - Vacancies at OPOIE." (26.06.2017)

OPOIE seeks experts in Delhi NCR to be engaged on Full time / Part time (Work from Home) for the following profiles : # Mentor - B. Tech / MBA from premier institutes with exceptional presentation skills along with one year experience / Freshers with exceptional energy and communication Skills. # Marketing Strategist - B. Tech / MBA with exceptional presentation skills along with one year experience / Freshers with exceptional energy and communication Skills. # Brand Evangelist - Pursuing B. Tech / MBA (Pre-Final / Final Year). Further details are available at www.OPOIE.com/career.php

"OPOIE - You Tube Channel" (10.06.2017)

OPOIE's You tube Channel contains preview videos of OPOIE's Presentations. It can be consumed during travels or during free time. A simple walk through the presentation awaits you. The Channel will be updated with voice and live videos in due course. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8jutVdptoQILBjMdSMvUhQ

"OPOIE - Employability Potential India (May, 2017)." (24.05.2017)

Recent media reports on reduction of employment opportunities globally and low employability potential of Indian students is worrisome. As OPOIE reiterates that there are ample and bright opportunities in the market for the aptly skilled and the job market and the corporate houses are on the look out for talented candidates - Candidates who have the right mix of Skills. Are you one of them? OPOIE presents the crux in its report on "Employability Potential India (May, 2017). OPOIE assists the potential employee to find his actual employability potential and to focus on the improvement areas through the specialized assessment process and his/ her ECG Score. ECG (Employability Competence Gradient) Score is a polished tool developed for any job seeker to know where he/ she stands against the requirements of the job market. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Career Skills Study Material.

"OPOIE - Career Skills - Persuasive Presentation Skills." (05.05.2017)

Winners don't do different things...They do things differently. The difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary person is his/ her presentation skills. Starting from Academic students to Junior/ Middle management group of employees, presentation skills are essential skill set for success and a true identifier of managerial abilities. Every individual reaching the Senior Management group has exceptional presentation skills. "Persuasive Presentation Skills" provides the insights and requirements of top leaders and their expectations from a presentation. The presentation highlights the audience psyche and guides a presenter to use advance skills in the presentation to not only capture the target audience but also enthrall the viewers. Anyone drafting a presentation must certainly use the concepts of "Persuasive Presentation Skills" to ensure that his/ her presentation is appreciated by one and all. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Career Skills Study Material.

"OPOIE - EmpSkills - Ranking of Academic Institutions in National Capital Region (NCR) by NIRF (Apr, 2017)." (10.04.2017)

NIRF was approved by MHRD in 2015 and outlines a methodology to rank institutions across the country. India Rankings – 2017, with significant changes in some parameters over 2016, was released on 3rd April 2017. OPOIE has derived the rankings of NCR from the India Rankings. The document provides the ranking parameter and weightage and enlists the rankings of Universities, Colleges, Engineering Colleges, MBA colleges in NCR. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Employability Skills Study Material.

"OPOIE - CareerSkills - Impressive Communication Skills." (27.03.2017)

The story of "Six Blind Men and the Elephant" is taught to everyone in their childhood days to make them realize the importance of communication skills. Impressive Communication Skills are not only integral part of your personality but also a must have for any career in any field. One who communicates effectively fetches a job easily and rides the career ladder quickly. OPOIE's presentation on Impressive Communication Skills highlights the different aspects of effective communication blend. The presentation should be reviewed and imbibed by students and faculty alike. The presentation is available in your dashboard in Career Skills Study Material.

"Strategies to Sail the Aptitude Tests" seminar on 22.03.2017 at DIAS, Rohini, New Delhi. (22.03.2017)

A very interactive and fruitful session with Students of MCA (Fourth Semester) from DIAS, Rohini on 22.03.2017. The lively audience were at their best in answering the witty puzzles and were quick to learn the tricks and shortcuts advocated in the presentation. The presentation was focused on " Strategies to Sail the Aptitude Tests" and was a two hour session. The senior faculty from OPOIE explained the required methodology to be adopted for Aptitude Tests and the strategies for various sections viz Quantitative, Verbal, RC, DI, LR, GK, Puzzles etc. Special thanks to the bright students. All the very best!

OPOIE - Employability Skills - "Strategies to Sail the Aptitude Tests" seminar on 22.03.2017 at DIAS, Rohini, New Delhi. (17.03.2017)

Senior Faculty from OPOIE will be conducting an overview seminar on Strategies to Sail the Aptitude Tests at Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS), Rohini, New Delhi. Students of DIAS who are registered on the website are requested to attend the event as per their invitation/ permission from college authorities. The event will present opportunity to interact with senior faculty from OPOIE and learn the shortcuts to ladders of success. The presentation is available in your OPOIE dashboard. Lots of good luck and best wishes.

OPOIE - LifeSkills - Who Moved My Cheese. (10.03.2017)

Change is the only Constant thing in life. If we don't Change, we Rust and Perish. Especially, for professionals, Change Management mandatorily has to be part of core work ethics to prepare, adapt and handle change positively. OPOIE seeks inspiration from Dr. Spencer Johnson's fable "Who Moved My Cheese" to elaborate how to seek, plan and adjust for imminent Change. Readers are encouraged to learn from the story and imbibe its learning for successful career and life.You may download the presentation from your OPOIE dashboard.

OPOIE - Interactive seminar on Employability Skills with bright students of JIMS, Greater Noida. (20.02.2017)

The brilliant students of JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus, Knowledge park, Greater Noida not only impressed the OPOIE faculty by their sheer learning skills, their interactive session made our faculty even more learned. The session went much beyond its scheduled duration of two hours and the students were still eager to spend more time with the OPOIE team. Special thanks to the students, lots of good luck and all the very best.

OPOIE - Employability Skills Overview seminar on 20.02.2017 at JIMS, Greater Noida. (17.02.2017)

Senior Faculty from OPOIE will be conducting an overview seminar on Employability Skills at JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus, Knowledge park, Greater Noida. Students of JIMS who are registered on the website are requested to attend the event as per their invitation/ permission from college authorities. The event will be an interactive event with resolution of lots of basic queries. The presentation is available in your OPOIE dashboard. Lots of good luck and best wishes.

OPOIE - Career Skills - Presentation Skills. (10.02.2017)

It is opined by all leaders that presentation skills are the most important skill set for the career ladder. Raw students from professional colleges in the entry level career struggle to be identified as leaders. It is the attitude and presentation that matters. OPOIE's presentation on Presentation Skills gives you the strategies to make and give a presentation. OPOIE boasts of producing several leaders who are leading Fortune 500 companies at Senior and Middle Management Levels. You may download the presentation from your OPOIE dashboard.

OPOIE Career Skills Presentation - Body Language. (27.01.2017)

The Non Verbal communication is a major assessment tool by recruiters. The hidden cues, the unconscious / sub conscious activities give a real reflection of the individual persona. Any one in the initial career stages need to understand how he/ she is being observed. An excellent presentation on each and every aspect of Body Language required by any corporate professional is uploaded and can be seen in your dashboard. The learner is also urged to practice the same thoroughly on himself/ herself and also match observations on others in his /her acquaintances.

OPOIE - Life Skills Presentation - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. (20.01.2017)

The Best seller book on Motivation and Personality Alignment by Stephen R Covey is still used for personality development the world over. OPOIE advocates the thorough implementation of the book not only in the life of corporates but also in the life of any individual at any age profile. An excellent presentation containing the summary of the Book is uploaded and can be seen in your dashboard.

OPOIE Employability Skills - The Ins and Outs of Interview.(18.01.2017)

OPOIE's mentors peek in the selectors mind tell that an interview for about two minutes open up the pages of personality and attitude of any participant. An interviewee needs to get these insights to ensure that he cracks the interview. The presentation on Ins and Outs of Interview can be seen in your dashboard.

Congratulations to the CAT achievers. (09.01.2017)

Hearty Congratulations to the top percentilers of CAT 2016. IIM, Bangalore has done true justice in organizing and evaluating the CAT exam exceedingly well. The 100% percentilers have set another benchmark to be met by future generations. All those achieving more than 99 percentiles would be given free mentoring and coaching at OPOIE. All those getting calls from IIM- A, B, C & L ensure to convert it to successful seat. This would be your life changing opportunity.

Warm Greetings of Year 2017 to all Students and Faculty. (01.01.2017)

May the year bring success to you in all spheres of life. We wish all students of OPOIE to achieve astounding success in their professional course, preparation for higher studies, career ladder and their personal life. May this year be a benchmark for you on the achievement list. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2017.

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