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Employability Skills

Mentoring students pursuing professional degree courses to ENSURE EMPLOYMENT.
Converting you from job SEEKER TO SOUGHT AFTER professional.

Employability Skills

All Professional courses should ensure immediate employment. However, students struggle for placement for want of proper guidance.

Job seekers need recruiter’s insight in GD, Interviews, Resumes, Body Language, Corporate English, Aptitude test etc.

The "Employability Skills" course aims to enrich the participant by learning the requirements of the corporate world and to improve the individual’s personality in line with industry requirements.

Live interactions and lively sessions from the recruiters instill the direction and confidence required by all students pursuing professional courses.

OPOIE proudly boasts that 100% of our students have been placed without any major hurdles.

Overview and Attitude Modulation

An Eye Opener for a job seeker, the module ensures that you follow the right direction. The overview course highlights what is required to fetch a respectable job, analyses the gaps between each individual, his realistic ambitions and the requirement of the recruiter.

Cracking Interview

The Ins and Outs of interview from an interviewer's perspective. The practice sessions from HR personnel from industry is a true insight for life. Only a right mix of personality, presentation skills, communication skills etc can secure a high end job in the present cut throat competition scenario. Even within the professional courses, students face interview situations everyday. The course provides the right tools and orientation to tackle any interview situation with confidence.

Taming GD

Group discussions are easy tools to identify leadership potential and group behavior, though most people think that these are tools to identify who can speak most.
The course teaches the insights of group discussions and proven winning concepts. The study material provide beautifully crafted GD Topics, relevant data on the topics and expert opinions For & Against the topic.

Emphatic Resume

Capturing eyeballs even when there is no dearth of talent can be difficult when thousands of same caliber are competing against each other for rare few seats. If the resume does not make the first impression, it will land in a dustbin. The course tells you how to make emphatic resumes which stand out in the competition and ensure that the resume snatches the interview call.

English speaking

A grey area for students from professional colleges. Professional or Corporate English is basic expectations from any prospective candidate. Proven ways of increasing vocabulary and speaking professional English in the right accent in quick time is the essence of this course.

Aptitude Tests / Technical Papers

All corporate recruiters use technical tests / aptitude tests / psychometric tests / puzzles etc to filter candidates. These have just become an entry qualifier.
Tricks and trips always come in handy in such selection / rejection tests. The course highlights various tools and techniques to easily crack these papers.

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