THRIVE Confluence Series


OPOIE is an IIM Alumni mentoring group revolutionizing the learning life-cycle of professionals. The team deals in self-development skills which are also called as essential skills. OPOIE's expertise is in Life Skills, Career Skills and Employability Skills. The vision is to convert each individual under our influence into Perfectionist Human Beings.

OPOIE helps to develop highly productive dedicated human capital. Excellent presentations, motivational corporate stories, puzzles in very high-quality and other rich content are available free on

OPOIE provides insightful training for transitioning from Individual Roles to Managerial Roles and thereafter to Leadership positions. The mentors deliver training using experiential learning and insightful corporate games. OPOIE efforts to bridge the widening gap between the corporate world and the academia thereby benefitting the Students, Colleges and Corporates.

OPOIE signifies an interesting acronym. 1+1=11 is what OPOIE stands for and this is precisely what we have been doing since long and even doing it right now. OPOIE is a talent integrator and personality aggregator. The team is led by "learning and the learned".


THRIVE International Confluence, the festival of learning, is a digital knowledge sharing monthly conference focusing on growth, learning and elevation of everyone connected to the THRIVE network.

THRIVE is the brainchild of the OPOIE mentors spread across the globe from eastern horizon to the far west. OPOIE shaped THRIVE as a diverse and multi-disciplinary platform, with a series of live sessions enriched with diversity, multi-topic learning from experts and opportunities to connect globally.

With the tag line of "Keep Thriving!", the Confluence gives the corporate professionals and learning world, a broad view of how to create opportunities in adverse times and how to utilise the USPs in the connected planet, now more than ever.

OPOIE aims to enlighten the world by manifesting the power of influencers and perpetuate persistent inspiration to the world through THRIVE. The global influencers are the essence of THRIVE, who come together to mentor the learners across geographical boundaries, keeping up the euphoria of peer-learning and team effort. We have been witnessing the astounding success of previous THRIVE confluences where international experts, influencers and participants from 50+ countries, with 1000+ registrations and 300+ interactive participation over live sessions, made significant strides in spreading knowledge and inspiration.

The coming confluences, aided by the immense power of global influencers, will continue to uphold such endeavours.